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Name City State
Thankful Memorial Episcopal Church, Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga TN
The Church of the Holy Communion Episcopal Church, Norwood, NJ Norwood NJ
The Episcopal Church in Okatie, Okatie, SC Ridgeland SC
The Episcopal Church of Hamilton County (St. Mary's Episcopal Church), Hamilton, TX Hamilton TX
The Episcopal Church of St. James the Less -- Northfield, IL Northfield IL
The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist Milton DE
The Episcopal Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew, Kenbridge, VA Kenbridge VA
The Episcopal Church on Edisto, Edisto Island, SC Edisto Island SC
The Falls Church, Falls Church, VA Falls Church VA
The Fork Church, Doswell, VA Doswell VA
The Parish of All Saints, Dorchester, MA Dorchester MA
The Sisters of St. Margaret, Duxbury, MA Duxbury MA
Todos Los Santos Guayaquil
Todos Los Santos Episcopal Church, Miami, FL Miami FL
Todos Los Santos, La Romana, RO La Romana RO
Transfiguration Episcopal Church, Indian River, MI Indian River MI
Transfiguration Episcopal Church, San Mateo, CA San Mateo CA
Transfiguration Episcopal Church, Silver Spring, MD Silver Spring MD
Transfiguration, Belladere, Haiti Belladère
Transfiguration, Chansoime, Haiti Chansoime NO
Transfiguration, Gorman, Haiti Gorman SE
Transfiguration, Grande Colline, Haiti Grande Colline SE
Transfiguration, Petite Rivière de ľArtibonite, Haiti Petite Rivière de ľArtibonite AR
Trinity St. Paul's Church, New Rochelle, NY New Rochelle NY
Trinity & St. John's Episcopal Church, Hewlett, NY Hewlett NY
Trinity & St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Fairfield, CT Fairfield CT
Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral, Newark, NJ Newark NJ
Trinity and McArthur Presbyterian Church, McArthur, OH McArthur OH
Trinity and St. Philip Episcopal Church, Lansford, PA Lansford PA
Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, TX Port Aransas TX
Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, TX Port Aransas TX
Trinity by-the-Cove, Naples, FL Naples FL
Trinity by-the-Sea, Kihei, Maui, HI Kihei HI
Trinity Cathedral Church, Columbia, SC Columbia SC
Trinity Cathedral, Davenport, IA Davenport IA
Trinity Cathedral, Easton, MD Easton MD