Adrienne Davis

Adrienne is from the Diocese of Southern Virginia. She is serving with Helpers for Domestic Helpers at St. John’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Hong Kong Island.

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Mission orientation

Hello friends! It is long past time for an update so greetings to you again on the day after my birthdayI write to you today from the holy cross monastery in poughkeepsie (pronounced po-kip-see isnt english weird?) where i and several others are staying for mission orientation. Basically for the ... [Read More]
Alexa Henault

Alexa is from the Diocese of Rhode Island. She is teaching at Hogar Escuela in the Diocese of Costa Rica.

Brooklyn Payne

Brooklyn is from the Diocese of Missouri. She is serving with the Bella Vista Girls Home in the Diocese of Panama.

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The Beginning of Glorious Journey: My Story

 I would like to start by telling you a little bit about my story and how I have come to do this missionary work for the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corp.I am a cradle Episcopalian and 21 years ago I was baptized as a baby in Mitchel Hall because my mom ... [Read More]
Bryan Vélez García

Bryan is from the Diocese of Puerto Rico. He is serving a second year at Church of the Holy Trinity in the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Sexto domingo depois de Pentecotes

Pregação: Sexto domingo depois de PentecostePróprio 8-Tempo comum 1326 de junho de 16No evangelho de hoje nós vimos Jesus a caminho para Jerusalém, já estava próximo seu tempo de ir ao céu, já seu trabalho na terra está quase pronto. Os Israelitas e os Samaritanos eram povos inimigos, os israelitas ... [Read More]
Charles Merchant

Charles is from the Episcopal Church in South Carolina. He is serving with the Holy Cross School in the Diocese of Grahamstown, South Africa.

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Hello, everyone and welcome to my blog! ... [Read More]
Elijah Lewis

Elijah is from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina. He is implementing projects at the St Barnabas Agricultural Center in the Diocese of Haiti.

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one month

It has been a little past a month since I arrived in Cap Haitian. This month has taught me a lot. I'm slowly adapting to the heat and sun. Instead of looking like I just swam every time I leave a fan, I look as though I walked through a light mist. At the ... [Read More]
Emily Kirk

Emily is from the Diocese of East Tennessee. She is serving with Liverpool Cathedral in the Diocese of Liverpool.

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A Man Twice My Height, With a Booming Voice

First and foremost here is a more logistical update: I will be departing for Liverpool around September 10th-12th.  Once I am there I will be working with the Diocese, Cathedral, and St. Luke’s Church with a focus on social justice, church in an urban context, leading small groups, families and ... [Read More]
Jack Karn

Jack is from the Diocese of Vermont. He is working with Jerusalem Peace Builders in the Diocese of Jerusalem.

James Rose

James is from the Dioceses of Southwestern Virginia and Georgia. He is serving a second year with Mission to Seafarers in Kobe, Japan.

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A Trip to Himeji

Beyond visiting ships and bringing seafarers to our building downtown, the Mission also helps seafarers with organizing trips around the area. I lead one such trip a few weeks ago to Himeji castle.The captain, the agent, and Paul here at the Centre worked out the best time for the trip ... [Read More]
Jourdan Johnson

Jourdan is from the Diocese of Connecticut. She is working with social services outreach in the Diocese of Southwestern Brazil.

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Searching in the field for treasure

I am a planner.  For the past ten years, I have had a "five year plan" to get me through each transition of my life.  While the plans did not always unfold to the letter, I took comfort in having a direction even if it was just a rough sketch.  ... [Read More]