Joey Anderson

Joey is serving at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan.

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Postcards, Gin, and Japanese People Taking Photos With Me: A regular night in Nasushiobara

Despite the lack of space, there is something completely satisfying about writing a post card. My laptop is broken, so it does not accept my iPhone camera (and hasn't for some time), but I rummaged through a free box on the farm tonight and found some choice items that I ... [Read More]
Kate Snow

Kate is serving at the Hogar Escuela in San José, Costa Rica.

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PSA: Still Alive & Finally an Update!!!

Hello everyone!I know its been a long time since I’ve updated y’all, and I apologize for that. Since I last spoke to many of you, A LOT has happened and my plate has been very, very full recently. As my time with YASC in Costa Rica is coming to an ... [Read More]
Kayla Massey

Kayla is serving with the E-Care Center in Halsema in the Diocese of North Central Philippines.

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One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind

 Apologies to my incredible friends and family for waiting so long to write a blog. It’s been a quick and busy few months here in Santiago with a lot of new things going on.In the processing center Dap-Ayan where I work, we are the only peanut butter processing center within ... [Read More]
Lacey Oliver

Lacey is serving at HOPE Africa in Cape Town, South Africa.

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bringing home ubuntu

It is hard to believe that it is already mid-June. I apologize for my absence recently. I've been in and out of the office and got to do some traveling. I'll give some highlights soon. For now, I want to give you an update on what's next.I'll be leaving South ... [Read More]
Mary Grace Benhase

Mary Grace is serving as part of the Helpers for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong.

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Learning to Shut Up and Listen

I hope no one has been holding their breath waiting for me to post a blog in Hong Kong, but if you did, wow! You have held your breath for almost six months. I’m with you…I’ve been holding mine too. I just haven’t known been able to find a voice ... [Read More]
Maurice Dyer

Maurice is a second-year YASC missionary, and is serving with the Institute for Healing of Memories in Cape Town, South Africa.

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On November 22nd I traveled with the Institute to a place called Masipumelele. This place is on the opposite side of the mountain from me.  I went for a workshop; the topic of the workshop was democracy. Democracy in South Africa is 20 years old and most of the people ... [Read More]
Naomi Cunningham

Naomi is serving at the American Cathedral in Paris.

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History Has Its Eyes On *Us*

If you have looked at the news or been on any form of social media recently, you will have seen something about "Brexit." Now before you think to yourself ugh, another opinion post about Brexit and scroll past this, bare with me for a second. I promise this isn't an ... [Read More]
Paola Sanchez Figueroa

Paolo is serving in Rome, Italy, working with the Latino community at the Anglican Centre and St. Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church.

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Nuevo año l ¿Qué sigue?

¡Bienvenido 2016! Otro año pasó, ya la navidad ha terminado; así que quiero decirle a todos ¡Feliz Año Nuevo a todos! Buon Anno a tutti!Comenzamos un nuevo año, con nuevas historias, retos, sueños, metas, memorias.... claro esto no solo pasa porque el nuevo año comienza, siempre estamos creando nuestras memorias. No se si ... [Read More]
Rachel McDaniel

Rachel is serving with women’s and children’s ministries in the Diocese of Southwestern Brazil.

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Next Step

Hi, all!It's been awhile, and I apologize for that! Now, on to the update!Recently, I was awarded the Julia Chester Emery United Thank Offering/Young Adult Service Corps internship for 2016/2017. This is an incredible honor, and I am so very excited to see where this leads! Starting in September, I ... [Read More]
Rachel Schnabel

Rachel is serving in Brazil.

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Reconciliation by bullets

The Episcopal church has in recent years and months focused more and more on promoting and talking and doing something about reconciliation. Yay! It was a big part of our missionary training, and I doubt anyone can sincerely state that it is unnecessary at this point in history.  In fact, ... [Read More]