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The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) is a ministry for those interested in exploring their faith in new ways by living and serving in communities around the Anglican Communion. YASC offers young adults a unique opportunity to be an active part of what God is doing in the world.

Check out what the current corps members are saying about their experiences abroad.

I am a volunteer with the Young Adult Service Corps of the Episcopal Church. I'm living and serving in Haiti for the next year, working in economic and leadership development as a development assistant in Cange. 

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Market Place Kombit #2

The kombit is a Haitian tradition where communities will gather to work on an individual's farm for a day in exchange for a meal, drink and fellowship. In the future, those benefiting from a kombit are expected to participate in the next one hosted by another farmer.The tradition applies to ... [Read More]

My name is Carlin Van Schaik and I will be spending this year serving as a missionary through the Young Adult Service Corps of this Episcopal Church.I will be stationed in Seoul, South Korea working for the Anglican National Cathedral and their organization, Towards Peace in Korea. In this capacity I hope the experience the sentiment of St. Augustine. When many people are brought together, through God, to share their varied and personal experience that the joy of all is greater. I look forward to offering my warmth to others as well as learning and growing with the guidance of those I meet.

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How Are You Feeling?

The North Wind and the Sun were often time in disagreement with one another. This should not be surprising as it is in their very natures to disagree with one another. One day cordial chatting ended, as it often does, in argument. This day, the topic of the argument centered around who ... [Read More]

This year, with the support of friends, family, and my church communities, I am participating in the Young Adult Service Corps in Bujumbura, Burundi! Follow my ramblings about it here.

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Arrival in Bujumbura

After many miles in the sky I arrived in Burundi yesterday afternoon at 2:30pm. Having left my house in Cleveland Heights at 4:15am the previous day I was pretty exhausted and took a good nap in the afternoon. I settled in and unpacked, had dinner and hung out with my ... [Read More]

David is teaching at Easter College in Baguio City in the Diocese of North Central Philippines.

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An introduction

Hello friends, I think it's time for an update. I'm still in the U.S.A, working hard at my fundraising, and starting to realize that I need to worry about doctors, shots, papers, and learning some Tagalog. The fundraising is going well, I'm getting close to 50% of my goal, $10,000. I ... [Read More]

Delaney is serving as a community engagement coordinator with Tatua Kenya in the Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya.

Elizabeth is serving with Agape Care and Counselling in the Diocese of Maseno West, Kenya.

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10 Questions and Answers about my year in Cuba

Working on the pulpitThank you to all who submitted questions to me to answer about my experience. Here are my answers. What common things do Cubans have that they overlook, but a Norte Americano would think is special? The value of love, culture, and family. This is something that isn’t really overlooked by Cubans ... [Read More]

Fred is serving with the Hogar Escuela in Heredia, in the Diocese of Costa Rica.

Serving in the Diocese of El Salvador, Hannah is the assistant to the executive director of Fundacion Cristosal, San Salvador.

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El Mozote

The following is yesterday's journal entry after a visit to El Mozote in Morazán, El Salvador. The town is best known as the site of the largest and most brutal massacre to occur during the Salvadoran 12-year Civil War. On December 11th, 1981, the Salvadoran military systematically tortured and murdered ... [Read More]

Joey is serving at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan.

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Baby Steps

I was born and raised in the Episcopal Church. I went to services every Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis, MO, moved through Rite 13 and my confirmation, attended services throughout college, and found a pew at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and now Trinity Church here in Boston. Until recently, I thought that ... [Read More]

Justin is serving with the Mission to Seafarers in Hong Kong.

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Exploring the City

Hey Y’all!  I landed in Hong Kong on Tuesday night and am so excited that the journey is now beginning.  Thank you all so much for your support and prayers.  I would not be here without you.  Adjusting has not been too bad except for the jet lag.  I am writing this at ... [Read More]