Welcomes You

Episcopal Church Center at the University of Miami

The Rev. Frank J. Corbishley

The Episcopal Church Center at the University of Miami is a center of progressive Christianity on campus where we try to follow Christ by developing an inclusive community that works to bring Christ’s love to a hurting world. Our Chapel is a place where progressive Christianity and traditional worship meet.

We are here to serve all students at the University of Miami. The words “Episcopal“ and “Lutheran“ do not describe whom we are here to serve; rather they describe what we have to offer. Any and all students who are interested in joining us are welcome. 

For over a decade we have worked in partnership with a Lutheran pastor (Pastor Arnold Perry) in our student ministry on campus. By no means are all of our Chapel students Episcopalian or Lutheran. We typically have Baptists, Roman Catholics, members of the United Church of Christ, Presbyterians,and others who choose to make the Chapel their church home during their college years. People of no specific belief and other seekers have also been part of our worshiping community.

We don't care what your sexual orientation is.  We don't care what your religious background is, or even whether or not you have a religious background. The only requirement for being a part of our community is that you want to be here.

Everyone is welcome.  

(305) 284-2333


St. Bede Chapel
1150 Stanford Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146-2002
United States
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