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Men in the Church

Men, in addition to sharing active roles in the maintenance and operation of the church, are searching for ways to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, to become more Christ like, to become disciples. 

Dr. Patrick Morley, author of Man in the Mirror (Zondervan, 1997), defines decipleship as being "called to live in Christ, equipped to live like Christ, and sent to live for Christ."  



The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew is an international ministry to men and boys in the Anglican / Episcopal Church. The Brotherhood was founded in 1883, and was incorporated in 1908 by an Act of Congress, signed by President Theodore Roosevelt. The Boy Scouts of America, and the Brotherhood are the only two organizations incorporated by an act of Congress. The incorporation of the Brotherhood reads: “The sole purpose of the Brotherhood is the spread of Christ’s Kingdom.” The mission of the Brotherhood is to bring men and boys into the deepest possible relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ by following the rules of prayer, study, and service. 

National Day of Service
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew of the Episcopal Church invites you to participate with us in this 2nd annual "National Service Day" April 26, 2014. (The Saturday following Earth-day 2014). National Service Day is a way to get people involved on a Christ-Centered project that bestows its own blessings on the participants. Learn more and register.