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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
O God, heavenly father please bless me with all your heart to accept myself who I am.
- Chris
Please pray for both of my sons.
- Mary C.
Please pray for my daughter as she recovers from a devastating breakup from a life partner and guidance as she tries to move forward
- Edie
For all those seeking employment
- Nancy
Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in a time of loneliness and pain. I ask for Your comfort and peace. I pray that You guide me as I continue to adjust to my new life. Touch the hearts of all those , who like me are facing loneliness. Comfort all of our hearts and give us the joy of Your salvation. Help us all look to Jesus during these difficult times. This I ask in Jesus name, Amen
- Aaron
Dear reader(s), if applicable: special personal thanks for your kindly amazing heart-warming prayers. Request: please if you are able to continue your prayers further for the cases in my life, they still need further prayers. I believe God can do greater things through prayers. I will receive the last results for my study around 11th of July. I’m planning a Holliday trip with a friend to go 10 days before the end of July. Please continue to pray that this will be all good. Also a desire that my family/friends also become Christians. For a man to marry etc. Very important as well for me as a student: For an increase in finances. My church has a vacancy for a job which I have a diploma for. I want this job. So Pray that I will be the one who get this job and that it is doable for me in combination with study. Last but not lease desire for total healing of past traumas. Thanks as always, best wishes.
- Amanda
Prayer for Todd. Lord open his eyes to change. Remove the mountain that is in front of us. Let him see & love my heart. Lord give me favor. Please fight for me.
- Leeanne
For Laura Dale, struggling with surgery complications.
- Schuyler R
i pray that i am release forever/permanent from this deep illusion/psychosis that has cause me to live a lie forever and i ask for god to remove my ability to use imagination
- Brandon Thompson