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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For Carol and Bill during Carol's illness. May Our Lord strengthen Bill as he deals with Carol's dementia and for the doctors and nurses who are treating her.
- Ron G.
Please pray for my marriage and that God will give us the strength to work through our problems, that love and trust will be restored, and that happiness will be found again. Thank you!
I have a lot going on! Please pray for my kids' health, my health, starting to go to church, and making friends. We are lonely people. Thank you.
- Amu
Please pray for my spiritual, physical, and emotional health. I feel lost, yet drawn to seek a spiritual community. I am considering conversion to the Episcopal Church. I am chronically ill and seek help In Church.
- John R
Please pray my husband finds the light of our lord & leaves the evil temptation that may come towards him. I ask our lord to be a better wife to him & to help me, help my husband in this time.
- Alejandra Cerna
Please pray for my greatest lost my father Luis Ceja Mendez, it has been hard on us & especially on my mother Martha Ceja, I pray The Lord gives my family strength.
- Alejandra Cerna
Please pray for my family. We have not had any income for twelve months due to the recession. My husband has been unemployed and has not been able to find a job. Thank you for your love and support.
- Linda S.
Please pray that I get a job offer soon. Please pray that the hiring managers I've interviewed with see what a great employee I'd be and that they extend me an offer of employment. I appreciate any prayers I get. Thank you!
- Ashley R.
Please pray for healing for Gina who has a brain aneurysm and guidance for her doctors.
- Janie K.