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Thank you for guiding me to a wonderful new job. I get to work with supportive respectful people. I feel very blessed!
- Katherine
I pray for God's grace and loving arms embrace Melissa and give her the strength that she needs.
- Valerie H.
That the people of St. James' Episcopal Church in Albion, Mi find a new priest that will help us to grow in numbers and strength.
- Diane G.
I pray that the man I love comes back to me.
- Jennifer L.
Pray that the voice of Christ Jesus will be heard via the NEXUS PROJECT. The text of the message can be found under 'NEXUS' at
- Tim Smith
Oremos por la Escuela Catedral de Señor, para que al comenzar un nuevo año de estudio, el Creador nos de sabiduría, paciencia y amor para los mas pequeños.
- - Loudes I.
Almighty God, Prince of Peace, as the Games of the XXXth Modern Olympiad play out in London, may that spirit of peace and fairness transform the entire world, that we might have Thy peace which passeth understanding, to the glory of Christ our Lord. AMEN
- Benjamin Michael B
I pray that you return my Brian to his previous self, and that he can have a full recovery from the cancer as well as the injuries to his brain. I trust you Lord, please help make our path straight.
- Nicole N.
SUPERB SUPPORT GROUP AT GYM & CHURCH. On important issues, may Holy Spirit speak through me articulately and fluently so that meaning is instantly intelligible.May mutual understanding and sympathy be paramount. Thanks.