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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Almighty Father, we ask healing for Paige who still has no diagnosis or treatment.
- Pat B.
Adonai, hear my prayer. Open the hearts of my mother, Betty, and sister, Terri; to the healing they each need in body, mind and spirit. Awaken humility and a peaceful acceptance in my mother to make the life changes her health demands. Open the eyes of my sister to her addictions and the attitudes that have led her there. All that you may be glorified, amen.
- Christopher Hugh
Pidamos a DIOS para que le IGLESIA EPISCOPAL se asiente en ESPAÑA/SPAIN para que sea signo del AMOR DE DIOS que acoge a todos los seres humanos sin distinción de raza, sexual, etc., y que acoja a todos los perseguidos por la Iglesia Católica: LGTB, divorciados. Ruega por nosotros.
- Sierra A.
Querido Padre. Gracias por tu constante amor. Te pido por los tristes, por los desamparados y olvidados por el mundo.
- Francisco Solano
Abba, Father, we ask healing for Paige who has been undergoing tests for several weeks with no solution to the problem.
- Clare P.
Gracious Lord- you know me and you have been calling me and calling me. I could stop where I am but it seems that you keep calling. Show me the next right step. Strengthen my faith. I Bless Your Name.
- Elise H.
I pray that God will lead me to peace, harmony, and a true church home.
- Bobby
Heavenly father shower your mercy on me, my daughters, my husband Robie, forgive us for all our sins Father for we have sinned against you please forgive use, and deliver our mind from devil’s chains unwanted-ugly thoughts that could not control us Father God give us your thoughts. Touch & heal our mind, body & soul. Remove evil-cunning and manipulating, and deceiving of my husband Robie heart; Father God please convict Robie to true repentance of his sins. Lord destroy all evil plans, that Robie has in his heart. Father God shower your peace, grace, mercy and love over us. Help my daughters in their with jobs, give them wisdom and knowledge. Keep us healthy, happyand in love. Protect us from all infections, sickness. God help to concur the house flipping job for and income to help support our family. In Jesus name is pray amen - Jennifer
- Jennifer
I need prayers to trust God and let Him repair my life and guide me. I know God does things in his own time. I need to heal, have God’s protection for my grueling job search and a right pay, His guidance, reconcile relationship and make amends, strength to fight addictions, to have a calm mind and trust. I feel emotionally lonely and I crave affection for a while now, but I do not want to rush into anything unhealthy. Blessings, Amen
- Vlado A