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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for me that I can find a sense of peace and be happy with what I have in life.
- Alice L
Prayers for the Garrett family as they morn the loss of Will.
- Sierra C.
Please pray for my dear friend Nancy, who was recently diagnosed cancer and undergoing surgery this Friday. Please also include her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.
- Camille A.
Please pray for my son John. He has a MBA and has been looking for a full time job for five years. He needs this he is thirty years old and still lives at home.
- Pam H.
Pray daily the Lord will bless me in w/a spouse/companion to help me in all my earthly tasks. In Jesus. Thank you.
- Marilynn R.
Pray daily for my own home, to stay away from kinsfolk and some people, Pray daily for a good companion/spouse. Prayers for those left in the path of Sandy and All families in the Lord's name. Please. Thank you.
- Marilynn R
Thanksgiving for the resolution of Andy's problem
- Dolores G.
Gracious God, please open the minds of those my son (Kyle) has interviewed with and help them see the wonderful employee that he would be. Let them hire him and give him work.
- Vicki K
Please pray for my unnamed friend as he seeks to find God's will in his life. My friend is gay and has only heard hate from his church and his family. Please pray that he will not hate himself and that he will listen to Christ above all others.
- Katherine C.