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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my brother as he moves back to America for college. We have served overseas for almost six years now. Cultural adjustment will be difficult. Pray that he will remain in the Lord as he moves away to someplace new.
- Avery
Please pray for Michael, who had a stroke last September, and is still recovering. May he continue to get better and grow stronger.
- John S
Please pray for me, that asthma does not hold me back from commissioning in the Navy to do God's work and live in service to his people. Thank you for your prayers.
- Charles
Please Father lord,help me and my husband because we are about to get a divorce due to some overbearing financial situations right now.Please anybody reading this right now,should help us in prayers.
- Pam
pray for the Elders of the MCC
- Irene L.
I pray to see old age and happy
- jason
Lord I pray that someday I may find peace in my heart and soul. I also pray that I can find relief from my financial burdens.
- Anonymous
Thank you Lord for supplying all my needs according to Your riches in Christ Jesus- thank you for providing me a position after graduation and blessing my relationship with my fiance.
- Casey A.
Please pray for me as I have been recently elected to my parish vestry. Pray that I perform my duties well and with grace.
- Denise B.