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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Oh me to a loving partner, one who is gentle, compassionate, and a good teacher to his children. Heal my loneliness by showing me a man who wants to do good deeds by my side.
- Katherine G.
Please pray for God to take away all the pain and hurt and misunderstandings in our minds, and to fill our hearts with love, joy, patience, and understanding for each other, and to please touch the heart of my husband and fill it with love for me.
- SadW
Please pray for my friend Sarah, her husband Matt, and family. They just suffered the loss of a child.
- Whitney J.
I pray that someone will baptize my son.
- Kathy W
I want to ask prayer for the health of carlos roberto ojeda manriquez having a serious problem in their eyes and is feeling a lot of pain
I am having surgery Friday 14th, please pray for a good outcome . Thank you
- Mary K
O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers: Mercifully accept our prayers, and grant to your servant Jeff the help of your power, that his sickness may be turned into health, and our sorrow into joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
- Dennise H.
Please pray for me. I need to find a new path in life and need God's guidance to help me find my way.
- Rick S
Please pray for my mother and father-in-law as they continue their search for employment.
- Jo M.