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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my husband and myself. that we may find peace of mind. That God will help us find relief from the emotional roller coaster that we are on at the moment and can't seem to get off of.
- Ashley M.
Please pray for me to have strength and to gain help through an upcoming trial/test. I need God's grace to get me through this.
- Michele
Thank you for the gift of today. Thank you for the joy that continues to surround me even when there are times that I struggle with my mother being in Your heavenly kingdom!
- Elizabeth J.
Bless my brother Mac and his family. May he heal and get strong so he can go home from his long hospital stay...
- Margaret J
Please pray for me and my teen son that we can love each other and stop the conflict - regain our loving bond that seems lost now. Please God. I miss him.
- Deborah W
I need prayers for the success of my blog I am hoping to reach people who may not know about our lord and bring him to them and also gather believers to follow and support me on my walk with christ.
- Stephen M
May Terry Star rest in peace and rise in glory. He is missed.
- Anne Rudig
Please pray that I find relief from my depression
- Michelle F.
Please pray that God fills me with the knowledge that He loves me beyond measure, that automatically increases my self-compassion, and let's me know that he wants me to have great joy, love and peace.
- Caty H