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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Heavenly father I am so scared. Please heal Brian. Please don't let the cancer be back. I am so scared. Please pray for Brian's health and healing. Please pray that the new symptoms are just he medication, and not the tumor. Please God, help us. Amen.
- Nicole N.
Pray that my mother find a job and my father does to and pray for the relationships in my life be heald.Pray for me that i may walk with more faith.And that i may change for the good
- Kahlil W.
Please pray for my mother, Cynthia, who is enduring chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, stage 3c. She has other health issues, making treatment complicated. Please pray for me, as I care for her, to bring her support, comfort, and love.
- Susan J.
Please pray for my husband, Michael, who has kidney cancer. On this Tuesday, April 16th, he will have surgery to have his kidney removed along with lymph nodes and adrenal gland. May he overcome cancer and continue to be the blessing he is in our lives.
- Michelle C.
Recently I had a surgery that really opened my eyes to a great deal and I am in the process of Joining the Episcopal Church. I lost my job this past week and am needing prayers in that regard.
- Stephen M
Please pray I find a job
- Calvin N.
Please pray for me to overcome anxiety.
- Carol B
Please pray for our little hamster, Dumpling, who passed away during the night. And for her family; we loved her very much.
- Tom F.
Please pray that I may succeed in my struggles with severe clinical depression
- Dean B