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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray for my partner's safe return from Spain and for a joyous reunion with her after so long.
- Dean B.
May Almighty God make me a more stable, even-tempered servant to His Church.
- Michael M.
Heavenly Father - please heal and bless Tracey as she fights brain cancer.
- Donna Q.
I pray for my significant other's safe return from Spain next week, and that we will continue to heal the rifts between us.
- Dean B.
Prayers for my church family
- Vicki H.
I pray for my sister to have peace and strength as she handles the challenges of her illness
- Suzanne S
I pray for my husband`s job search. Lord, give my husband wisdom and patience to walk according your Word. Thank you
- Tatyana Y.
May I find a superb support group at my gym. and church. Pray that I experience self-fulfilment in my endeavours. I ask the Holy Spirit to show me how to use upsets as a stimulus for a positive response. I claim the victory in Jesus' name.
- LYNDON C. (10th July)
Please pray for my job search. Thank you!
- Brian C.