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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Asking the faithful to pray for my sister...who has been having rather serious health issues for some time
- Steve B
Pray for the victims, the perpetrator, and the families of Aurora Colorado. Lord, have mercy.
- Christopher E.
God's peace and healing for all victims of violence, and His blessing on all who open their hearts to counsel and care for them.
- Bette Jo G.
For an awareness of God's presence, His mercy and loving kindness be with those who mourn, who are in trouble or face any kind of trouble, that God's peace will be there.
- John
I pray that I will get one of the teaching positions I have applied for. I need this income and professional fulfillment. But God, most of all, I need some of your strength whether I get the job or not. Please Lord, in your name.
- Lauren Smith
SUPERB SUPPORT GROUP AT CHURCH AND GYM. Let there be mutual understanding and sympathy. May Holy Spirit speak through me articulately and fluently so that it is uniquely understandable on the important. I give thanks. 18th July.
- Lyndon C.
For reconciliation and healing.
- Joshua L.
I pray that the lord will bless the Episcopal Church and continue to call young men and women to enter into the priesthood
- Josh M
I ask for your prayers as I step out of my professional comfort zone to assist the poor and disenfranchised.
- Tom F