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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Lord..I pray for my son and his wife that they will be able to conceive a healthy baby.
- Beth
Please help me not worry so much and to cast away the fears that I have.... Give me strength for my upcoming surgery and to help heal my mother and hope her surgery was successful and the cancerous tumor doesn't return.
- Kendra Gress
Dear Lord, please help me through this time of worry and despair. My work is overwhelming; I have made bad personal decisions; and I may be faced with costly home repairs. Help me to be a better employee, family member and friend. Please forgive me for my poor decisions and sinful ways. Help me to feel you love and find the peace of the Lord in my life.
- Andrew
That I will find fulfilling and joyous work in a new job.
- Elle P
Almighty God, who created the rivers, lakes, small streams and large oceans, give us strength, endurance and wisdom to protect all sources of your good water, that like your love, it may flow to every creature and plant who needs it's life giving wetness. Grant us godly purpose and practical sense to stand tall against all destroyers of water so that we may truly be your Water Protectors on this good Earth. Amen.
- Janet Mae Diehl
Please help my marriage heal. Please bring your light and guidance to my husband and restore our marriage.
- Amy
Please pray for our son David as he continues to fight for his health and defeat ITP.
- Meg J
Pray for deliverance from a drug addiction for my close friend, Britnie.
- Austin B
Please pray for me to find the right path.
- Dwayne E.