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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
God bless me with a good report from the doctor. May the medical tests be encouraging. May my health flourish. Amen.
God save us. Please abolish all anxiety and low self-esteem from my heart. Restore in me the confidence and uninhibited joy of my youth.
- Kyrie Eleison
Hello my name is Christopher. I have a thyroid tumor and the operation will be Thursday March 16th. Would your church please pray for me?
- need healing
Friends in Christ, please pray for me that I will soon experience some relief from the many difficulties I have been experiencing for the past several years. I have examined my own wrongdoings and contined to practice gratitude for what God has given me, but I am sinking into discouragement as time goes on. Please pray for me. Thanks be to God for all of you in this kind community.
- Riven
Please pray for the safety of my SisterCousin Patricia in D.C. A neighbor of hers was raped recently, and the suspect is still at large. May God protect her and the perpetrator be caught soon.
- Kevin Y.
Fast & pray. Heavenly father have mercy-grace on us, me, daughter & husband, forgive all our sins, deliver us from devil’s chain, heal our mind-body-soul. Open my husband’s eyes to see his wife & daughter, break his heart. Destroy all evil plans. Keep my daughter healthy-happy, help her in study, give her wisdom-knowledge, protect us from all evil-infection-illness, provide me finance, protect me at my job place, hide identity, IJN Amen
- Jilian
Pray for healing have broken a rib and in extreme pain.
- Mary
Please pray that I will be cured of cancer and that God will heal me, physically and spiritually. I pray that he will forgive me my sins and have mercy on me.
- Sandra
Lord please heal my infirmities, heart, mind and soul.
- Al