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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray for all refugees everywhere.
- Daniel R.
To find happiness again. To go back to college and get my bachelor's degree and then on for my master's degree so I can use them to go out into the world and make a real difference. For corruption to be rid of for once and for all in Chicago. For the poor people and the homeless. For acceptance. To not be lonely anymore.
- Missy
May God continue to bless PB Michael Curry's recover and continue to bless his ministry.
- Eleanor Burt
job for my dear son out of work far too long resolution in this custody battle for the sake our little grand child so innocent
- rita c
For clarity and guidance, for continued perseverance in the face of such adversity and for an intervention for right work.
- Dan V.
Pray for my marriage, my family and for us to be financed stable... To be able to have a car pay bills and rent.. amen
- tekela smith
Praying to be a good husband and father.
- Jack C.
My mother and my father have both recently passed away in the last month. Please pray for them and for the comfort for my family.
- Katie G.
Please pray for me in my time of struggle. Pray things will get better for me. Thanks
- A.J.S.