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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please say a prayer for my nephew Jack. He is battling cancer---he's 10 years old. Thank you.
- Steven Holloway
I thank my God, each time I pray for you, and when I pray, I pray with joy. I give thanks for your ministry of welcome and inclusion. May God continue to keep you as a sign of grace in the world.
- Mary Stallard, Priest in The Church in Wales.
Lord please pray for me as im a 24 yr old single mother of 3 children ive been homeless for 2 years and eas just involved in a domeatic violence situtation my kids need me more than ever nut we have no housing or income please pray that all good comes my way
- Jazmin t
Let us pray for the Episcopal Church which is bravely giving effect to the love which shines from the Gospel by welcoming and supporting our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters for their God given sexuality. May the Church maintain its faith and belief in the inherent dignity of all God's people. We stand with the Church.
- Tom M
Please dear Lord help our church through this tensions of faith! Please pray for my uncle Paul
- Renee
Pray that prayer focus be on Episcopal unity: commitment to the centrality and importance of God's Word (heard this definition in a sermon).
- Betty
Please pray for me
- Giancarlo L
Pray for divine support as I write a doctoral dissertation. Past distractions absorb my focus so pray for renewed enthusiasm and singleness of heart so I can finish. My family and my work need my time, and my income needs the degree completed. Bless you, in Jesus' precious name, Amen.
- Marshall B
For my son to find his perfect life partner SOON!
- Liz S.