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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Oh God, grant us your divine guidance. Fill our hearts with mercy, compassion, love, and reason. By your grace grant us unity not division during the Primate meeting in Canterbury. May all who attend have their hearts softened and welcome all of humanity as equals sinners and saints alike. In your name we pray, Amen.
- Christopher C
The decision of coming over to the Episcopal Church.
- Christian G
Pray for my dear friend SG, who is battling pancreatic cancer with lung metastases. She is calm, peaceful and sanguine about her situation, and I just want her to have minimal pain and a Christ-led life for all the remaining days of her existence.
- Jill B.
I need pray for my elderly mother who has dementia. She will soon have to be put into a nursing home. I pray my sister and I are doing the right thing.
- Sandra T
I am a Christian woman in great need of prayers for healing. I am suffering with an undiagnosed health condition and it is causing me great emotional pain. Imam undergoing tests and it just seems endless. I am terrified of bad results and the stress is making it worse. Please would you pray for me? Thank you so much
Need prayer very badly husband threatening to take my children if I can't get our rent paid we have been without jobs for some time now. We desperately need assistance paying this month's rent and blessings for jobs. Please pray God will intervene and help us with our needs
- CC
Please pray that God’s hand immediately touches Casey’s mind, heart and spirit that he take swift action and take the necessary immediate steps to save our relationship and future before it is too late and our marriage is forever destroyed.
- Angela Sivley
Please pray for little Nan, a beautiful cat who was just adopted by a loving family and diagnosed with a serious illness. Pray she feels love always and feels safe and comfortable (and heals, if it is God's will).
- Katie
Bless my friend in a special way today. Calm her mind and heart, and fill her with your light. Bless those who are in positions to help, and grant them wisdom to know what is best for everyone concerned. Amen.
- JM