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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please Pray for Isabelle and her husband Michael who is diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome from a flu vaccination.
- Alfred Griffith
Please help me pray for my son who is facing legal trouble.I pray for a miracle that he is freed from all of this. Please help me pray. In Jesus's name. Amen
- a b
Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings in this gift of life.
- Keith S
God, grant me the strength to be graceful during this transition period at work. I want the ability to provide for my own and be generous enough to share with others. My heart is humble as my eyes look to you.
- KG
Prayers for healing and recovery for my young son-in-law, father of two, as he continues treatment for cancer in Florida. His little boys need him.
- Marcia J
Please pray for my husband, Richard. He is suffering terribly from Anxiety and depression. He is in treatment but has had no relief. Prayers that he can come to a personal relationship with Jesus.
- Jeannie Schweck
I pray that, as a nonbeliever, I might find the faith I am looking for.
- Anonymous
I pray for God's help in finding a new job. I just learned that I am being laid off and I have a child going to college in the fall.
- Paula
I'm praying for me and my family I am struggling with housing and my husband is going through his own issues. I am asking for my heavenly father to continue to bless me with strength.
- Theresa S.