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Me my family are struggling to pay the bills I'm laid off of work until they get done remodeling my company could be anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks right before Christmas and that will cause me to have a lots of income I won't have an income for to pay. Which means I won't have the money to pay any of my bills and it's hard to get any assistance from the state for help because I'll have the income at the very end of the month which would go to my next months rent so I'm tryna find somebody that can help with some groceries and some rent anything would be much appreciated I have two children and a disabled husband I take care of prior to this day off I work all the time I'm not a bum I work my butt off I do anything it takes to take care of my family I'm just asking and hoping that God thinks that you should help us and send you a message my daughter is 7 years old my son is 10 my husband is disabled with back problems his name is Toby I'm doing everything I can to keep us together due to Christmas I can't even afford much under the tree let alone even paying the bills so my prayer is that you can find a way to help us with anything 5416065765 phone number
- Crystal Haddock
For focus that Christmas is about the birth of the Christ Child. This is my first Christmas in 60 years that I will be by myself.
I pray for all refugees everywhere.
- Daniel R.
To find happiness again. To go back to college and get my bachelor's degree and then on for my master's degree so I can use them to go out into the world and make a real difference. For corruption to be rid of for once and for all in Chicago. For the poor people and the homeless. For acceptance. To not be lonely anymore.
- Missy
May God continue to bless PB Michael Curry's recover and continue to bless his ministry.
- Eleanor Burt
job for my dear son out of work far too long resolution in this custody battle for the sake our little grand child so innocent
- rita c
For clarity and guidance, for continued perseverance in the face of such adversity and for an intervention for right work.
- Dan V.
Pray for my marriage, my family and for us to be financed stable... To be able to have a car pay bills and rent.. amen
- tekela smith
Praying to be a good husband and father.
- Jack C.