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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray to get moved. I need to break out of a situation that has involved wicked people. So I pray for provision and to get moved to the right place.
- Cindy S.
Help me LORD to give up "toxic" religion which makes me angry and judgemental of others. Help me to see YOU in every created being.
- Richard M
I ask your prayers for my well-being and diligence this semester.
- Aaron
I pray for Laurie, Suzanne and Gretchen that they would be healed physically, spiritually and emotionally through the Christ our Lord.
- Andy M.
For David, that God would heal his physical pain and that God would send an angel to reconcile him back into the Church.
- Andy M.
Prosperity. Please Lord grant me enough so I may acquire the much needed everyday items and the work equipment. My life is very difficult right now. I study and lack the financial means. Also I'd like to thank God for guiding me to this wonderful prayer community.
- A.
For Cindy Smith in her time of need. Give her strength and wisdom.
- Steve
I pray for God to show me the path. To find what to do with my life. Right now I'm also in a shortage, unable to buy things that I require. The lack of financial means is making my life very hard.
- Ivan
For Cristi, Tom, Noel, Kristen, Geri and several other friends as they process changes, build new lives & friendships, look for work, find new purpose and overcome "down" moods.
- Rose W.