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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for me for recovery from surgery and recovery from heart problems. That I would gain strength each day and get back to a normal life. Thank you!
- Dana R
I am trying to find my way back to God and the Church but I'm not sure of quite how to approach everything. I would greatly appreciate prayers of strength and courage so that I can take the initiative to try out different churches in my area and speak with different church leaders.
- Tyler M
Please pray for me that I make the right decisions and be able to humbly accept the blessings I am given.
- Linda W
Dear father I lost my Daddy and miss him so much I can't overcome to my sadness please help me to believe that his soul is with you in heaven .
- Jasmine H
Dear Heavenly Father, please guide me in finding a job. I have been unemployed for so long and I really want and need to work.
- Melissa B.
Please surround Nina Soto with your prayers. Her dear husband, Bishop Onell Soto went to be with our Lord on August 5th. Such a tremendous loss. In Christ's name we pray.
- The Episcopal Community
Please surround the Reverend Dr. Linda Hutton with your prayers as she recovers from surgery for melanoma. In His name I pray.
- Andi
Please help Michael find a job that suits him, and may he find joy and strength in God.
- Angeli
A prayer for Jimmy Carter, a Peacemaker. Surely there is a place in our prayers for Jimmy Carter, who has done so much for Peace, human rights and democracy.
- Howard Park