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Please pray for my brother Glenn. He has metastatic thyroid cancer and is dying. He is very angry, scared, and hopeless. He does not know the Lord's love.
- Paula S.
I am struggling with addiction, insecurities, and low self-esteem. Please pray that I will overcome and move forward in my life.
- Chris
Almighty God, Heavenly Father; depression has poisoned my life and my faith. I ask that You guide me out of this darkness and renew my spirit and faith. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
- Floyd S
Lord, Please help me with my financial situation. Give me guidance and help those with the power to help me to have compassion.
- Jared
I am going through a time when I am not sure what God's plan for me is, who I am, or what God wants me to do. Please pray that I will have more clarity. Also, my friend struggles with anxiety, so please pray for her as well.
- Matthew V
Dear Heavenly Father, Please help me to turn away from angry thoughts and angry people. Help me always to use Jesus as my guide for life, and let me trust His promises today and forever. Please help me not to change people, but to understand them. Amen
- Hannah
Lord I need your help to make it through another intensive surgery to fix the first one's problems. I'm losing hope of ever feeling better, and I place my weary heart and unending pain in Your hands. I ask that those that gave me hope can pray that I can make it through this, and find joy and good health again, at long last.
- Andy C.
Dear Father in Heaven, I'll have a job interview at a medical center of a top university next wednesday. Pls help me do well at the interview and bestow me the offer if I can honor you working there. I pray in the name of my lord, Jesus Christ. Amen!
- Linlin
Please pray for the soul of the faithful departed George Spirrison. May he rest in peace.
- Stacy B