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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For my father, so he would return to the Light.
- Anon
Please pray that the Lord will bestow financial blessings on me so I can finally get the mental health care I need and a safe place of my own to call home.
- Jessica S
Prayers for A & W with a recent diagnosis of ALS. In Christ's name I pray.
- Andi
Please pray for my grandmother, in the hope that she finds eternal glory.
- Sean
Please pray for our God to heal me of whatever is making me sick or, if that is not His will, that He will be glorified in my illness.
- Mike R
Dear God help me find and embrace my true faith. I was raised Catholic, but I know I belong in the Episcopal Church.
- Lena R
Please pray for Andy as he continues to struggle with work and relationship issues.
- Dolores
Dear Lord, Please help me through my medical test tomorrow, and put to rest the fears I have of cancer. I am so terribly frightened right now, and I pray for Your most Holy Strength. I ask this of You with my heart and soul. Amen.
- Andrea B
Please pray for my sister Janet Bolduc? She had some cancer removed hopefully its gone.
- Jesse H. Neylans