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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Dear lord I know that I haven't always been there for you during this dark time that I am going through, but I ask that you forgive me and guide my family and I through our troubled times.
- Broken Soldier
Please pray for my daughter Julia, that she might be in remission and lead a full and happy life
- Andriea M
Please pray for my family, our three adult children, our financial well being, our health and school. May we find the courage , the grace and the strength to go forward each day. Knowing we are loved by God during these struggles. Amen.
- Whitney
Heal my broken heart, please.
- Deborah B.
Please, pray that I may finally find my way towards the right religion.
- Thomas M.
Heavenly Father, I come to you in intense pain. My Crohn's Disease has once again taken my peace away, and I cringe in pain more often than not. I need your strength, and I need the strength of any that are willing to send their prayers my waya.
- Andy C.
Please pray for my son, Benjamin. He struggles with keeping a job. He is 29 and still lives at home. He also struggles with depression and OCD. Thank you friends.
- Mary C.
I ask your prayers for a successful surgery and for swift healing for George.
- Joan P.
Please lift up my children in prayer so that they may be strong in faith and love thru Christ Jesus. I also pray for my granddaughter and her health and happiness .
- Matt H