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My prayer is that God will make a way for me and my family. I do not see the way but I know he is a provider and I know my bills and needs will be met.
i pray for a job in the mall and daycare
- crystal
Lord keep my sister, dad, nanny, aunts and others safe in heaven. Keep my family's health protected by your spirit including pets. Help me find the right partner swiftly through your favor and find some peace of mind on this short time on earth. Amen...
- Marilyn
I pray that I find favor so that I can get my financial aid on time and be able to purchase my books and receive good grades. Thank you.
- Tiffany Ann M.
Give David everything he needs to be making art abundantly. Thank you.
- David M.
For Z, that the chemo works and his cancer is totally gone.
- Mary C.
Father I hope they got my message
- Florence o
Pray for my Faith, which sometimes is weak.
- Philip S.
Lord I ask that you forgive me for all sins I have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Help me find forgiveness from those that I have hurt. Let me find peace in myself... Amen
- Brad H