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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Pray that I find a superb support group at the gym. and my church. May the Holy spirit speak through me at all times. May their be mutual sympathy and understanding. May I make firm friendships.
- Lyndon C.
Let us hold the women of the Church of England in our prayers.
- Christopher E.
Please pray for the highest good of all.
- Pam
For my Baptism and Confirmation on december 2 at saint andrew parish in mayaguez puerto rico
- Heyden M
Pray that I am still in good health. Pray that I may live a life pleasing to God. May my actions show God's Glory. Grant Me Peace.
- James R.
Please prayer for my relationship to the Episcopal Church. I have attended other full-gospel churches and wonder if I should continue affiliation or not.
- Steven C.
I pray for continued guidance for my family and I in discerning the right path for us.
- Dwayne E.
Please keep my heart open, so I can invite friendships and a loving partner into my life.
- SW
Please pray for our family, and for our daughter, who has been led astray by the wrong people. please bring her back to our family. she is also not a believer- please bring her back to the church she was raised in. thank you. amen.
- Paul S.