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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Prayers for our 17 year old, Dylan, who is in crisis. He has hit "rock bottom" and is so scared. He is being monitored every five minutes through the night. Oh Lord above, hear my prayer.
- Patti P
Dear Lord help my husband Marv sleep all night every night. Let us be open to what it safely takes for this to happen. Thank you for our marriage.
For my husband, Charles, whom I love deeply and who has been unemployed for nearly two years and who has multiple health problems, please let him find work and feel better.
- Mike G
Dear Lord We pray for your guidance, patience and courage as we go through my parents trust/estate process with my detached fractitious siblings. I ask for a resolution that leaves resentment and greed behind us as we move into the future as a new extended family unit.
Lord God, Please guide my son so he may wake from the evil that had pulled him from his mother and you. Forgive your servants within the church that have abandoned us in our spiritual time of need. Restore us anew to walk in your ways, to love and serve you in peace and gladness once again.
- Sue P.
For my not understanding family and always in arguments. As well for our extended family too.
- Joseph N
Lord God, please heal my sister and me. Watch over my family and friends and keep us healthy so we can be there for our children. Thank you.
- Maria M
Lord, please bless me with wisdom and patience as I quit smoking.
- Joe C
Dear Lord, thank you for the great provision of my new job. I humble beseech thee to heal my wrist with Keiboch's Disease. Restore the bone and take away all pain. In Jesus Name, AMEN
- Andy M.