Fundraising Symposium: Sacred Fundraising, Secular Tools

Thursday, October 16, 2014 to Friday, October 17, 2014

This year's Fundraising Symposium will look outside the church for inspiration and enrichment, focusing on how successful and innovative secular fundraising practices can enhance church fundraising toolkits. 

Session topics will include comprehensive strategy design, targeted prospect researching, the latest in relationship building, and the integration of social media. There will be ample opportunity for dialogue with your peers and experts in the field as we explore these topics. Workshops will put theory into context, complementing and building on speaker presentations. Speakers include:

Lisa Bellamy
Research Analyst
The Episcopal Church Development Office, New York City

Simon Jeynes
Senior Consultant
Independent School Management (ISM), Delaware

L.J. Mitchell
Director of Advancement
Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School, New York City

The Rev. Joshua Case
Assistant to the Rector for Formation, Digital Media Expert
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, Atlanta

The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond
Canon Steward
St. John’s Cathedral, Denver


What You’ll Learn:

Learn about the benefits of prospect researching from Development Office Research Analyst Lisa Bellamy. Lisa has been a professional researcher since 1997, first in an investigative capacity then moving into prospect researching for non-profits. Her presentation will define what prospect research is and illustrate how all congregations, large and small, can benefit from it. She will also explain the difference between prospect research and “Googling” and provide a basic overview of free resources, ethical considerations, and the next steps for beginners to take.

Is the money drying up, or are our strategies just not speaking to our constituents? Independent School Management (ISM) Senior Consultant Simon Jeynes will provide an overview of what donors want and why they will give in a very competitive philanthropic environment. If you do it the same way every year, you will get the same results. Can we think bigger? Incorporate a vision? Create a strategy? Whatever your background and size of your church or organization, come to this session to learn, to talk with each other, and to leave with a clear idea as to what you are going to do tomorrow, this year, and in coming years. Let’s talk about money and really enjoy it, and leave excited about dollars and what dollars can do to inspire and deliver our missions.

Development is about relationships; it is about identifying shared values and inspiring donors to act on those values in support of your mission. As a private, independent school advancement professional and consultant with a background in both law and the performing arts, L.J. Mitchell has discovered that record-setting fundraising results are achieved by connecting the heart of the donor to the core of your mission. Given that, what are the new rules of engagement? How do you connect with boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials to advance your mission and goals? L.J.’s presentation will look at ways to begin the conversations that find the stories and ultimately lead to robust relationships. Build, cultivate, and steward relationships, and resources will soar.  

The digital age has gifted the church with new ways to be with people. Given that more and more dollars are raised every minute than ever before through micro-giving campaigns such as Kickstarter and text donations, isn't it time for the church to ask hard questions about how to engage Christians in mission, all the time, where they are? Digital provoker Joshua Case believes that now, more than ever, The Episcopal Church has a window to move from simply using technologies of digital communication to being immersed in the digital culture. Whatever the size of your parish, this presentation and discussion promises to explore in real time how connective relationships, technology, and inspirational mission go hand-in-hand with Christian identity in the digital age.  

The opening and closing plenary sessions will address the reality of doing sacred fundraising while unapologetically engaging secular tools.

We pray about cancer and then we employ a surgeon.  
We meditate over our faults and we then use a therapist.  
We long for presence with Jesus and we then eat real bread and wine.

But how do we keep a balance between using effective tools to raise money and membership while not abandoning the spiritual foundations of this work? The tension between fundraising and stewardship - between the secular and the sacred - is as old as the gnostic heresies and as new as our daily, year-round fearless fundraising work.  

Noted author of Fearless Church Fundraising and Episcopal Church leader, The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond will use humor and history, story and metaphor to tease out our vocations as prophets to those who need to be challenged  and as pastors to those who are afraid.  Charles will speak to the convergence of spiritual depth and management effectiveness in a moving and often hilarious presentation in which the beauty of our mission in financial development is exposed along with the foibles.

These opening and closing plenaries will encourage the tired, challenge the super-spiritual, invigorate the bored, and thank the effective; while offering real strategies for taking this work home so that money is raised and mission is made manifest.

Space is limited, so register now!

Cost: $250 per person