Indigenous Theological Training 2014 Award Application

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Describe the particular need of Native American/Indigenous leaders that your training program will address. Is this a need that other leaders in different locales face? Explain.
Outcome: What is the desired outcome of the training program? Methods: How will the training program reach the identified outcome? Staff: Who will lead the training program? Participant: For whom is this training program intended? How many participants do you expect?
Describe the capacity of your training team to undertake the proposed program. Who will implement the various components of the program described above? Identify tasks and responsible personnel. Also identify areas where you may encounter challenges.
Describe what quantitative and qualitative participant data will be collected. How will vitality be measured? At what intervals? Who will be responsible for gathering and reporting the data? Who will be responsible for forwarding the data to the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society?
Describe in detail how the program might be used by others via the Web. Include in your description how other communities might use your program. Who will be responsible for submitting the program for uploading? Who agrees to be listed as the contact person?
Include a budget to demonstrate how you will accomplish the goals of the training program. Identify a basis for each cost. If an Indigenous Theological Training grant will cover only part of the training, please identify the entire budget and the sources of other funding.
(To be utilized in 2015 application process)Has your organization or entity previously applied for a Indigenous Theological Training grant? If so, please list the year, name of program, and the requested/received amount.