The Church of the Province of Central Africa

The Most Rev. Albert Chama
Provincial Secretary: 
Mr. R. Kanja

The Province includes Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The first Anglican missionary to Malawi was Bishop Charles Mackenzie, who arrived with David Livingstone in 1861. The Province was inaugurated in 1955 and has a movable bishopric. The countries forming the Province are very different. Zambia and Botswana suffer the difficulties of rapid industrialization, along with underdeveloped, thinly populated areas. In Malawi, 30 per cent of the adult males are away as migrant laborers in other countries at any given time. Zimbabwe is experiencing problems of social adjustment after independence.

Geographical Area: 718,940 Sq Km
Population: 31,780,000
Number of Anglicans: 600,000+
Number of Christians: 14,939,646
Number of Parishes: 250
Number of Clergy: 400