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The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) is a ministry for those interested in exploring their faith in new ways by living and serving in communities around the Anglican Communion. YASC offers young adults a unique opportunity to be an active part of what God is doing in the world.

Check out what the current corps members are saying about their experiences abroad.

I am a volunteer with the Young Adult Service Corps of the Episcopal Church. I'm living and serving in Haiti for the next year, working in economic and leadership development as a development assistant in Cange. 

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The Journey Continues--YASC Year #2!

Early May will mark nine months since I moved to Cange to work for the Episcopal Church in the Young Adult Service Corps. In that amount of time, I’ve taken on the titles of English teacher, missionary, economist, tour guide, surveyor, waiter, motivational speaker, translator, and more. Work as a missionary for the Episcopal ... [Read More]

Serving in the Diocese of the Northern Philippines, Andrew Joyce (Diocese of Kentucky) works at the Tadian Learning Center and Demonstration Farm. Andrew is the first YASCer to serve in this ministry.

Serving in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, Ashley Bingaman (Diocese of Virginia) is a music instructor at the Holy Trinity Cathedral music program in Port-au-Prince. Ashley is the first YASC missionary to be placed in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake.

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An Eventful Advent

As usual, my life never stops, and December was a prime example of this! The month was filled with many visitors and events. Our first set of visitors were from Trinity Wall Street in NYC. They had come to Haiti to scope out potential new projects for their church in ... [Read More]

My name is Ashley Cameron and I'm a volunteer with the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps. Starting in August 2013, I will be living in the Northern Philippines and working with the Episcopal Development Foundation of St. Mark, based in Santiago City. I am helping manage funds of the development program to ensure they are loaned out in poverty-alleviation ventures and that funds are made available when participating communities submit proposals for new projects.

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Holy Week

One of perks of working for the Church is a nice long weekend for Easter. The offices closed on Thursday and Friday. All I did was sleep, watch movies, read, and attend church services. Most of the people on the compound visited their families, so it was pretty quiet.Below is ... [Read More]

Serving in the Diocese of Honduras, Becky is a counselor and teacher at El Spiritu Santo Bilingual School, Tela.

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Holy Week in Central America

When lent started at the beginning of March, Easter felt so far away. Now, over 40 days later, Easter has somehow already come and gone. And I have so much to catch you all up on! I was fortunate enough to take a trip for Holy Week with Claire, my Honduras YASC buddy, ... [Read More]

My name is Carlin Van Schaik and I will be spending this year serving as a missionary through the Young Adult Service Corps of this Episcopal Church.I will be stationed in Seoul, South Korea working for the Anglican National Cathedral and their organization, Towards Peace in Korea. In this capacity I hope the experience the sentiment of St. Augustine. When many people are brought together, through God, to share their varied and personal experience that the joy of all is greater. I look forward to offering my warmth to others as well as learning and growing with the guidance of those I meet.

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The Easter Promise: Peeps and Jesus

(Originally for theYASC Lenten reflection blog)  For the past week, everyday I arrive home at Sungkonghoe University, I get to feeling like I’m all of ten years old. Why? Well, the joy of the Easter promise of course. But not the whole Jesus-Easter-promise. No, no, no. My childlike anxiety is caused by the other ... [Read More]

Serving in the Diocese of Yokohama, Japan, Charlotte is an education and international exchange program assistant at the Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project, Kiyosato.

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Lenten Meditations

Not much has been happening here in Kiyosato to update on. We did just receive enough snow again yesterday to cancel Ash Wednesday services so that was kind of a let down. I was nervous about my car getting stuck...again, so I decided to walk to church. Bad idea because ... [Read More]

Serving in the Diocese of Honduras, Claire is a counselor at El Buen Pastor Bilingual School, San Pedro Sula.

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Honduran Photo Book

Well once again I have disappeared for about a month and a half... Great apologies! But for those of you following the YASC lenten blog, I did have two posts during March, which just goes to show that as long as I have a very strict schedule I can get ... [Read More]

Serving in the Diocese of El Salvador, Hannah is the assistant to the executive director of Fundacion Cristosal, San Salvador.

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Relational Problems

There have been a lot of blog posts and conversations lately talking about service trips and the role of foreigners in international development. We talk about listening; about asking what people need instead of assuming we have the answers. Not to be a spoilsport, but I think this language is just as problematic… So here ... [Read More]

I'm about to begin my one year journey as a Young Adult Service Corps missionary.  I will be leaving my hometown in Cody, Wyoming, USA to begin working at Canon Andrea Mwaka School in Dodoma, Tanzania. 

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Well, Lent is almost over and Easter Eve has finally found its way to Tanzania.  I couldn’t be more excited about Easter this year not only because I get to celebrate it in such an amazing place, but because my Lenten discipline has been harder this year than ever before!  Sure, I’ve given up pop ... [Read More]