Eliza Brinkley

Eliza is serving in Cap-Haitien on the northern coast of Haiti as an English teacher to young farmers at St. Barnabas Agricultural School in Terrier Rouge.

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Young and important

This following is a speech I recently gave to 20-30 youth who are members of congregations in the northern region of the Diocese of Haiti. I was asked as someone who is "experienced" in the church to pass along some words of wisdom. Even though I assured the teenagers gathered ... [Read More]
Ellen Sandin

Ellen is serving in Brazil.

Elly Withers

Elly is serving in Panama.

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This week I started a recycling program in the diocese of the Episcopal Church office where I work in the Panamá City. I had previously talked to others in the office about recycling and they told me that there are no facilities close to the office to bring the recyclables. ... [Read More]
Emiliee Street

Emilie is serving in Honduras.

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Christmas Break

So computer is fixed (mostly) and the first grad school application is complete, so it's time to get back to blogging. I'm just going to give a little update on what I did over the break. First, we had a teacher's Christmas dinner the night before school ended for the ... [Read More]
Eric Panter

Eric is serving in the Philippines.

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On The Road Again...and again... (Days Gone By VI)

At the end of my last blog, I said that I would be catching up to the present the next time I posted. So now, ladies and gentlemen:IT'STIME!!!(To admit that I was mistaken.)Those of you who know me best know how fond I am of that, so enjoy it while you ... [Read More]
Hannah Perls

Serving in the Diocese of El Salvador, Hannah is the assistant to the executive director of Fundacion Cristosal, San Salvador.

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900 Homicides: What It Means and What To Do

(Note: this is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Cristosal's August newsletter)"For those living outside El Salvador, Romero's call is the same today as it was thirty five years ago: to stand in solidarity with El Salvador."In August, El Salvador has seen over 900 homicides - an average of ... [Read More]
Jacob Nastruz

Jacob is serving at the Kwasa Center in Springs, South Africa teaching English to preschoolers.

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Ever been curious about my views or beliefs?!          I believe in the fundamental truth of all the great religions of the world. I believe that they are all God given. I came to that conclusion long ago...that all religions were true, and also that all had some ... [Read More]
James Fitzpatrick

James is serving in Panama.

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More pictures from La Escuela Biblica Vacacional (Vacation Bible School). ... [Read More]
James Guandique

James is serving in El Salvador.

James Rose

James is serving the Mission to Seafarers in Kobe, Japan.

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What Is to Be Done?

This is why we distribute newspapersWhen visiting ships, there is a certain tension between allocating time and resources to those ships quickly departing and those ships staying in port overnight. For the former, not having the pleasure of time to go ashore is reason to expect the seafarers to experience ... [Read More]