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The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) is a ministry for those interested in exploring their faith in new ways by living and serving in communities around the Anglican Communion. YASC offers young adults a unique opportunity to be an active part of what God is doing in the world.

Check out what the current corps members are saying about their experiences abroad.

I am a volunteer with the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps. Starting in August 2012, I will be living in Lesotho (Le-soo-too) and working with HOPE Africa. I will be helping HOPE Africa with a partnership they have started with St. James Mission Hospital in Mantsonyane, Lesotho.

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A Canterbury Tale

Ciao! It has certainly been a whirlwind couple of weeks here in Rome. Friends coming and going, high-ranking church officials visiting, receptions upon receptions upon receptions, and cap it all off: World Refugee Day! I've definitely not been as diligent about my blogging as I was last year, but you'll ... [Read More]

Serving in the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain, Joel is a mission assistant in Madrid.  He is one of two YASCers to represent Province IX for the first time in the program. 

I am pretty much of an outgoing guy. I graduated with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy. I believe that family comes first. I also believe that my duty in life is to help others. This will be my spiritual journey in helping others in the Diocese of Panama with the partnership of YASC. I will be working with the Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo.

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A Long Over Due Post

The street grid is engraved in my mind, the voices that echo daily as walk down the sidewalk, and knowing the exact minute when the metro is coming; all of it part of the new normal I have created over the past 10 months in Panama. I will say it ... [Read More]

I am serving with the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps in Haiti for the next year. I will be working with the Episcopal University Hospital and Nursing School in Leogane, Haiti. Check back often for updates! 

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Rice and Beans...

When people ask me what I will miss most about Haiti, the first thing that jumps to my mind is the food! It is so fantastic. Let me give you a little taste.  Sunday lunch: rice, bean sauce, and some kind of fried meat. This week it was chicken, but often ... [Read More]

Serving in the Hong Kong Anglican Church, Katie is a provincial archives assistant.

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Each day of this Lenten Season, a member of the 2013-2014 Young Adult Service Corps will post a reflection on our collective blog (dreamed up byJulie Burdand created byAshley Cameron).Click hereto check out the photo-filled Ash Wednesday post, and to subscribe by email to receive the forthcoming reflections from my peers across the globe.Spoiler ... [Read More]

In the summer of 2013, I will be leaving my husband, dog, cat, and my home to spend a year in Africa working as a medical missionary with the Young Adult Service Corps of the Episcopal Church. Please join me on this awesome journey.

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10 things

I don't have a lot to share with you this week, so here is a blog post about 10 completely random things I love about South Africa, in no particular order: 1.  Mountains:  Rugged mountains that extend right up to the coast.  Everywhere I look in Cape Town or Hermanus, there ... [Read More]

I'm Margaret Clinch.  I'm a daughter, a sister, a niece, and a granddaughter still.  I am the girl who read in the tree in her backyard, who still names every stray cat I see, who dances and sings and knits.  I am the girl in college who studied religion and biology, and loved them both as complimentary portions of the much greater reality of the universe.

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Bubbles for World Peace, and other Lessons from the Philippines

This is a sermon I delivered this morning at my church as something of a wrap-up and discussion of my year in the Philippines.  I simplified and focused on a few key lessons, because explaining an entire year in a twelve minute sermon time is impossible.  For those who couldn't ... [Read More]

You are now joining me here at the bottom of the Earth, or maybe it's the top depending on your perspective. I hope you enjoy what you see on our magical adventure from California to South Africa. Please take the time to feed and play with my fish!

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This morning i preached at the monastery to wrap up a retreat for the associates of the order. It was great, here are my sermon notes.  Gospel reading- Luke 15:1-10 I would like to open with a moment of silence. And in this moment I would like us to ponder upon and offer ... [Read More]

En lugar de hablar de mí, hablaré de esta pagina. Este Blog ha sido creado para dar reporte de mis avances y trabajos como misionero en Taiwan, pero tambien lo usaré para publicar reflexiones y acontecimientos periodicamente.

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La escritora

 Hace unos días, leía en una revista un artículo en el cual, la escritora expresaba la pena que sentía tras el fallecimiento de un viejo amigo. Pero a la vez contaba una anecdota de una de las tantas conversaciones que ella y su amigo tuvieron. Contaba que este amigo era un ... [Read More]

Serving in the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, Nina works as a communication and project assistant to the Provincial Secretary in São Paulo. This is Nina’s second year in this position, and she is the first YASC placement in the Brazilian Provincial Office.

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2.5 months, 1 World Cup, and a monkey in a pine tree

Like always, if you are interested in learning more about how to contribute and support me, I very much appreciate it! Please click here for the link to the 'How to Help' page -- many thanks!=============================================Well, witticisms of the blog post title aside, I did spy a little monkey in ... [Read More]