Joey Anderson

Joey is serving at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan.

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Postcards, Gin, and Japanese People Taking Photos With Me: A regular night in Nasushiobara

Despite the lack of space, there is something completely satisfying about writing a post card. My laptop is broken, so it does not accept my iPhone camera (and hasn't for some time), but I rummaged through a free box on the farm tonight and found some choice items that I ... [Read More]
Kate Snow

Kate is serving at the Hogar Escuela in San José, Costa Rica.

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Reflections Three Months In

Hey Everyone!I hope you all have been well. I apologize for the delay in posts. My college procrastination habits, combined with a chaotic schedule, are surely getting the best of me once again. To be perfectly honest, I was nervous to write for awhile. I feel like in my blog ... [Read More]
Kayla Massey

Kayla is serving with the E-Care Center in Halsema in the Diocese of North Central Philippines.

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One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind

 Apologies to my incredible friends and family for waiting so long to write a blog. It’s been a quick and busy few months here in Santiago with a lot of new things going on.In the processing center Dap-Ayan where I work, we are the only peanut butter processing center within ... [Read More]
Lacey Oliver

Lacey is serving at HOPE Africa in Cape Town, South Africa.

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a franciscan blessing

As some of you may know, today is my 24th birthday! This means that I am no longer the youngest person in the office because Thandeka tells me she stopped having birthdays after 23 - mysterious.But I share this day with another very special lady:  a dear friend who inspired ... [Read More]
Mary Grace Benhase

Mary Grace is serving as part of the Helpers for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong.

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Getting Started

My name is Mary Grace Benhase and at the end of the Summer i'll be moving to Hong Kong. As Young Adult Service Corps volunteer of the Episcopal Church, I'll work as part of the Helpers for Domestic Helpers. This organization plays a vital role in aiding the nearly 320,000 ... [Read More]
Maurice Dyer

Maurice is a second-year YASC missionary, and is serving with the Institute for Healing of Memories in Cape Town, South Africa.

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On November 22nd I traveled with the Institute to a place called Masipumelele. This place is on the opposite side of the mountain from me.  I went for a workshop; the topic of the workshop was democracy. Democracy in South Africa is 20 years old and most of the people ... [Read More]
Naomi Cunningham

Naomi is serving at the American Cathedral in Paris.

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We Will Be the Hopeful

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the attack on Paris last night (if not, please read here: So what now? What do we do after a terrible tragedy like this occurs?Some have taken to scapegoating. And, to be honest with you, I kinda get it. After an event ... [Read More]
Paola Sanchez Figueroa

Paolo is serving in Rome, Italy, working with the Latino community at the Anglican Centre and St. Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church.

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Memorie di una bella città

.................................................................Han pasado dos meses desde que comencé a vivir aquí en Roma; a veces el tiempo parece ser muy rápido, pero a la vez corto, son esos pequeños trucos de la vida…. Donde primero todo parece ser largo, pero cuando lo piensas o cuando te das cuenta ya el tiempo ... [Read More]
Rachel McDaniel

Rachel is serving with women’s and children’s ministries in the Diocese of Southwestern Brazil.

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A long time coming

Hi, everyone!Once again, I must apologize for my absence on this blog. My computer died shortly after I got to Brazil, and it’s nearly impossible (at least for me) to update a blog on an iPhone. :) So much has happened between January and now that it will be hard ... [Read More]
Rachel Schnabel

Rachel is serving in Brazil.

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Choosy kids choose gifs

**WARNING** long distance communication of emotion and meaning is tricky, so I've added animated pictures (.gif files) to this post.  If you are on mobile or subscribed via email, you may have some trouble seeing these important components of this post.So for starters, I now have both a ticket AND ... [Read More]