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Panorama presents various opinions and viewpoints of Episcopalians, as well as discussions of personal faith journeys, and conversations about the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church, its actions, social activism, traditions, and liturgy.

The Rt. Rev. Stacy Sauls is the Chief Operating Officer for the Episcopal Church. Sauls was elected the Sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington in 2000.  His episcopacy is recognized for his focused and creative work on mission and vision in the context of a smaller diocese in Eastern Kentucky where 14 of the 100 poorest counties in the country are located.

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The Truth that Was Told

Like a large family gathered around a bounteous autumn table keeping the peace by not telling the truth, many of us heard more truth last night than we were quite prepared to deal with.  And as in a family whose peace has been disturbed by a sudden explosion of ... [Read More]

Saintly Mama is a place "where we hang up our halos and talk about what matters to us: God, kids, church, politics... and how to survive it all with grace and humor intact." The blog grew out of All Saints’ Atlanta’s “Monday Morning Moms,” a group for mothers of young children who need a place to rest after a busy weekend, to visit with new and old friends, to study Scripture and the world. Written by the Rev. Noelle York-Simmons, Associate Rector and mama of two young children, the blog highlights topics, discussions, readings, and resources shared among mothers of faith.

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Conversations about the south

I hope you know aboutThe Bitter Southerner.  If you don't, please head over there right now.  It is great reading if you are a lover of the southern United States.  It is great education if you live somewhere else and you are not exactly sure why anyone would ever live ... [Read More]

Scott Gunn, Episcopal priest and certified technophile, serves as the executive director of Forward Movement in Cincinnati, Ohio. He considers our historic mission “to reinvigorate the life of the church,” which is something he's always glad to prattle on about. Scott is also a deputy to General Convention, serving on behalf of the Diocese of Rhode Island, where he's canonically resident.


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