The Edge House: Lutheran Campus Ministry at University of Cincinnati

The Rev. Alice Connor

The easy answer is, we are the Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) on the edge of the University of Cincinnati's campus. The more complicated answer involves Episcopalians, a hammer, and 50 pounds of coffee.

The current LCM Fearless Leader is Alice Connor, an Episcopal priest. Do not fear her--Episcopalians are a gentle people. Fond of incense, funny robes, and ambiguity, but gentle nonetheless.

Martin Luther founded the Lutheran denomination 'round about 1517 (somewhat accidentally) by nailing his 95 frustrations (others say "Theses") on the door of his local church. Hence the hammer. Brother Martin tells us that salvation is through God's grace alone. Absolutely nothing we can do will earn us a place in the Kingdom. What a relief! Doesn't mean we can't respond by doing good as a huge "thank ye kindly."

We rely on a radical hospitality and inclusivity at the Edge House. We are an interdenominational lot: Chris Bean the Nazarene (barista extraordinaire) and Jamie Noyd the literary pilgrim (and member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod) share our office space. Our students are Lutheran, Episcopal, Catholic, formerly-Catholic, Methodist, formerly-Quaker, and Pagan. Students, faculty, and staff of UC from all denominations, faiths, and lack-of-faiths are welcome at The Edge.

On this website, you'll find our calendar, info on how to refer a student to us, links to Important Things, a list of our wonderful ministry partners, and announcements about big events coming up. Can't find what you want? Email Alice at pastor [at] edge [dash] uc [dot] org.

(513) 307-2930
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati Christian University


The Edge House
3007 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220
United States
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