Episcopal Center @ UGA

The Rev. Gregory Tipton

Episcopal Center @ UGA (ECUGA) provides a spiritual “home away from home” for area students, faculty and staff by offering a safe environment and gracious community to long-time Episcopalians just as much as to seekers who need to explore their own spiritual lives.

We try hardest to be followers of Jesus of Nazareth in order to worship the God who loves us no matter what. Plus, we love the liturgies and decorations.

The revelation of God in Christ is the great mystery that unites us to Christians around the globe and throughout history. We find meaning in the continuing story told by believers from Jerusalem to Galilee, from Antioch to Alexandria, from Rome to England and Ireland, from Canterbury to here in America.

Our principle attitude is to be grateful and our defining activities are thanksgiving and service. More than anything we are glad to share our explorations — for some “struggles” might be a more accurate term — with anyone of any religious persuasion, as well as those without any particular religious persuasion.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey we welcome you and want the Episcopal Center @ UGA to be a safe place for your soul.

(770) 596-1522
University of Georgia


Episcopal Center
980 S. Lumpkin. St.
Athens, GA 30605
United States
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