Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd/Good Earth Farm serving Ohio University

The Rev. Katharin Foster
Priest Associate

The Church of the Good Shepherd is both a building and a spiritual presence in the very midst of the Ohio University campus. Since 1953 it has been on this southeast corner of the college green,and was positioned here to implement the vision of the late Bishop Henry Wise Hobson who desired that campus ministry be done in the vibrant context of parish life. The church was thus designed with its neo-Georgian architecture to complement other university buildings, and to become a connecting symbol, reflecting the importance of spiritual life and moral commitment at the core and geographic center of this institution. 

The Church of the Good Shepherd is a sacred place within a secular environment. It has been made sacred, not simply by reason of a bishop's vision, but by the thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors who have rejoiced and worshipped here or come in quiet loneliness to think, pray or seek guidance.

(740) 593-6877
Ohio University


Good Shepherd building/The Good Earth Farm
64 University Terrace
Athens, OH 45701
United States
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