Women Gathered in Faith at Central Methodist University

Elizabeth Marshall-Belcher
Campus Minister, Diocesan Coordinator

WGF – (Women Gathered in Faith) is a non-specific denominational group of CMU ladies that gathers together on Wednesday’s at 4:00pm, in the Bishop’s Hall at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, located at 104 West Davis St. (Just 3 short blocks from the edge of the CMU campus!!)
The 2nd Wednesday of every month we take a night to break bread together and have a Food & Fun night.  A home cooked meal is served starting at 5:30, followed by an activity.

This year, we have started to include some outreach in the community of Fayette.

We invite you to join us as we listen, learn, share, and grow into what it means to connect like Jesus, be a child of God, and carry out his mission in today’s world.

(660) 728-1140
Central Methodist University


St. Mary's Episcopal Church
104 West Davis St.
Fayette, MO 66248
United States
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