The Rt. Rev. Gladstone Adams III

Bishop of Central New York

Bishop Gladstone B. “Skip” Adams, consecrated in October, 2001, is the tenth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York.

Bishop Adams' great hope for Central New York is a vision of Episcopalians becoming a more deeply faithful people, with all involved in helping to realize a 21st-century vision for the Church - a vision which may require that folks see with new eyes, but will most certainly involve seeking new ways to connect people to God and each other. The Diocese is currently engaged in a spiritual and organizational transformation, whereby a model is emerging that is completely different from how Church has ever been done in the Diocese of Central New York. It truly is an exciting, and spirit-filled time to be a part of the change that is spurring folks to try new things and explore new avenues of thought, ministry and spirituality.

Considered the Diocese's first Bishop from the baby boom generation, Adams enjoys fly-fishing and fly-tying, reading, playing the guitar, music of all kinds, camping and canoeing. He is interested in the Church and people in El Salvador (our companion Diocese), environmental and social issues. Adams and his wife, Bonnie, have three children: Peter, Stephen, and Emily.

Contact Info
1020 7th North Street, Suite 200
(315) 474-6596