Episcopal Church Office of Communication offers affordable website services for congregations

Realizing the challenges in providing and maintaining a strong web presence, the Episcopal Church Office of Communication is offering an innovative, affordable website program for congregations.

"€œIf a church can'€™t be Googled, it doesn'€™t exist,"€ explained Anne Rudig, Episcopal Church Director of Communication. "€œThe easiest way for us to grow our Church is to make it easy for newcomers to find us online. We are glad to be able to offer affordable websites to congregations to help them evangelize."

"Congregations are missing many potential members and opportunities if their church cannot be found online," noted Jake Dell, Episcopal Church Advertising and Marketing Senior Manager. "€œPotential church-goers want to '€˜try before they buy'€™ and, as a result, they look to the web and increasingly to social media to evaluate a church."€

For this innovative offering, the Office of Communication is partnering with Monk Development'€™s Ekklesia 360, a well-known global web development firm that builds websites for churches, non-profit organizations, seminaries, and others.

Through this program, churches choose a website template which can be tailored to include information such as services, events listings, key announcements, online donation opportunities, recent sermons and others. In addition to the content management, the templates offer news feeds from Episcopal News Service, worship and mission documentary video feeds, and other features that will keep these sites updated and connected to the larger church.

"€œThe convenience and assistance to the congregation cannot be topped,"€ Dell said. "€œThe parish website solution saves time and money compared to other, costlier solutions. It can be set up in a few hours and updated easily."

Also included in the plan are the critical needs of training and technical support.

"Having a website can help churches grow and can provide a showcase for activities and events,"€ noted Dell. "€œIt'€™s a way to build and maintain a community, and it gives congregations a way to interact with the community."

For more information on website templates contact Dell at jdell@episcopalchurch.org

In a related free offering, the Episcopal Church Office of Communication has issued a White Paper to guide congregations and to assist them in understanding the many potentials available for growth, expansion and telling their stories through social media. Social Media and The Episcopal Church is available here: http://episcopal.ekklesia360.com/white-paper/

See the ad on Episcopal News Service: www.episcopalchurch.org/ens and The Living Church: http://livingchurch.org/

Monk Development: http://www.monkdevelopment.com/
Ekklesia 360: http://www.ekklesia360.com/episcopal-church-partnership/
Social Media and The Episcopal Church is available here: http://episcopal.ekklesia360.com/white-paper/

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