Let’s Invent This Together

A variety of resources and services are available through diocesan partnerships with The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society staff. Through these partnerships we seek to further churchwide goals and diocesan mission. 

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Partnering opportunities:
New church plants - 10 per triennium
Mission Enterprise Zones - 50 per triennium
Co-hosting Anglican seminarians - seminaries and companion dioceses partner with our scholarship program
Episcopal Migration Ministries - involve your diocese with the important work of refugee resettlement
Young Adult Service Corps - 1 year international mission experiences for young adults 
Missionaries for the 21st century - where is your diocese engaged in mission? Would it be helpful to have a missionary there? We provide a stipend, health insurance, and training. 
Mission Administrative Services
Group cell phone purchasing and service
Human Resources best practices and consulting
Grants for Mission
Constable Fund
United Thank Offering
Campus Ministries
Jubilee Ministries
Sam McDonald, Director of Mission
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
Communication for Mission
Advertising placement on churchwide digital publications 
- Let the the wider Church know about your events and job postings
Affordable website design and hosting
- We make it simple for every congregation have a web presence and utilize content from episcopalchurch.org
- The basics of local media opinion placement and outreach 
Public Relations project support for local mission
- Work independently with a PR team to build local awareness and support for your mission work
Thought leadership events for mission
- Forums with experts on the issues and causes most important to your diocese
Social media and church marketing workshops
- Hands-on sessions that provide no-cost and low-cost evangelism techniques
Crisis communication consulting
- How to manage difficult news and situations, avoid rumors and manage the media
Media and message training
- Individualized training to prepare you and others in your diocese to speak to the media
Grassroots movement building
- How to get others to advocate and build community on behalf of your diocese's mission work
- Diocesan conventions, consecrations, and thought-leadership forums
Anne Rudig, Director of Communication
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
Investment services
Co-invest with the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society Trust Funds
- A well-managed, diversified portfolio that has shown above-average performance
- Available to every Episcopal organization regardless of size of investment portfolio
- Investment management expenses are shared proportionately by all participants; and DFMS does not impose any additional charges to administer the portfolio
Read about our investment policies.
Read about our long-term performance.


N. Kurt Barnes, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society