Share the Journey

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When a refugee begins her journey, she doesn’t know where it will end. It’s not a journey that anyone wants to take, but sadly, many must, fleeing for fear for their lives due to war, violence, and persecution.

People like Wahab, who fled Iraq with his family during the war. People like Sowdo, forced to flee Somalia after receiving death threats due to her work as a woman in journalism. Even people like Mary and Joseph who were forced to flee King Herod with the baby Jesus and seek safety in Egypt.

Refugees may be people you already know: courageous, resilient men and women who, through resettlement, have a chance to live in safety and peace in their new American communities.

Thanks to Episcopal Migration Ministries, thousands of refugees are able to begin again.  The journey of escape is over; the journey of hope has just begun. 

And now, this journey is one you can share. 

Episcopal Migration Ministries has launched a year-long awareness campaign, Share the Journey, to raise awareness of the church’s role in responding to refugee crises through domestic resettlement.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, at the beginning of 2013, there were 15.4 million refugees worldwide. This number continues to rise with the recent refugee crises in Syria, South Sudan, and the Congo.

Episcopal Migration Ministries is the church’s foremost response to refugee crises. Working in partnership with offices and groups within the church as well as with governments, non-gov­ernment organizations (NGOs), and a network of 30 affiliate offices in 26 dioceses, Episcopal Migration Ministries assures safe passage and provides vital services for thousands of refugee families upon their arrival in America: English language and cultural orientation classes, employment services, school enrollment, and initial assistance with housing and transportation. For each family, the goal is self-reliance and self-determination. After years of living in limbo, thanks to Episcopal Migration Ministries, refugees now have the opportunity to begin again on a strong foundation that honors their stories and dignity.

Celebrate the strength, resilience, and contributions of refugees to our communities by becoming part of Share the Journey. Join the campaign!

Follow these simple steps:

Make a handwritten sign that reads, “#ShareTheJourney with @EMMRefugees.”

Take a “selfie” while holding the sign, and post it to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Be sure to include the hashtag #ShareTheJourney in your post or tweet.

Please also share your post with the church:

@EMMRefugees (Twitter)


Want to do more?

Welcome your brother, the stranger. 

Welcome your sister, the refugee. 

Welcome refugee families as you would welcome the Holy Family.

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