Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd, Parkersburg, WV

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The Rev. Marjorie S. Bevans
About Us: 

Good Shepherd was founded by Bishop Peterkin, 1st Bishop of WV as a memorial to 2 of his sons who died at a young age. The current building (1906) resembles a Spanish mission, reflecting Bishop Peterkin's travels in the American Southwest.

Originally established as a mission to 'wild boys in the east end of Parkersburg', Good Shepherd retains it's focus on ministry to children and the people in the church neighborhood. "Reaching Out in Love" is the reason many of our members choose to belong here - we believe that faith requires action.

Good Shepherd 'reaches out' through a Food Pantry, annual Adopted Families Christmas Project, use of our building by 12-step programs and other community groups and help with utility shut-off notices. We have recently added a Little Free Library outside our Parish Center, organized a one week summer Reading Camp for elementary students and offer a free meal for local residents on the Last Sunday of each month.

These activities are all grounded in worship. We have Sunday services at 8 and 10 AM and a mid-week service at noon on Thursday. We learn and grow through Sunday School for all ages, an annual Lent course and participation in diocesan events. Ministry is supported by faithful stewardship of God's gifts.


Mission Statement:

Good Shepherd is growing in:

faith and knowledge of God,

ministry in our neighborhood,

love for one another

and support for those seeking Christ.



903 Charles Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101
United States
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