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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
healing for Baker & for God to be with his sister, Rosa.
- katye jones
Please pray that I am able to complete my graduate school practicum requirement with wisdom, knowledge, grace, and patience with myself. Please pray that I do not feel overwhelmed, and that I am actually able to help those who I am trying to help.
- Kennedy L.
I ask you in your prayer request for my vocation, I for 5 and a half years I was a Franciscan friar, after long research and find answers, start my process to return to the Franciscan order.
Please help my son to develop into a more mature person who uses good judgement and overcomes the urges to make unwise lifestyle decisions.
- John L.
Pray for my husband to find a job, pray for health, pray for a community to strengthen our faith so we feel less alone and adrift.
- Heather D
Need strength and wisdom to overcome adversaries and self-defeatism.
- Faith R
Prayers for those who are suffering in Syria and other locations in the Mid-East. May the Living Christ be with them...and give them peace and justice.
- Steve B.
Offering up prayers for my mom, who has been suffering from heart complications for some time. May the doctors be given a special dose of wisdom to know what the best path forward is.
- Steve B.
Please pray for my friend as she starts down the path to move out of the body she has never felt comfortable in, to the body he has always been meant for.
- Misti N.