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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
A non Christian that went to Grace Episcopal today with me after trying for 2 years to get him to come! Amen!
- Gunnar
Please pray that I may obtain full time employment. I particularly pray that I may obtain a job that I recently applied for at a college.
- JF
For the end of the deep political discourse that separates our Nation's Capitol and people across our nation.
- Michael S.
Give mankind the strength to survive on this world, and thrive, moving beyond it to other worlds, and a chance to spread the word.
- Simon Hawthore
I request prayers for gainful employment and strength in all I do.
- Lawrence Mammah
Grace in a time of change and conflict
- J D
May God lead me to a superb support group at gym and my church. Pray that I make firm friendships. Let the Holy Spirit always speak clearly and articulately thru me. It would be great to experience mutual understanding and sympathy.
- Lyndon C. (Wed. 23 Jan)
I pray for ultimate knowledge through observation of existences true purpose of Love, to be able to show man the true meaning of each individual entity in the universal System we call Life.
- Andreas Schön (germany)
please pray for my husband,and the judge can see the true,24 years ago he was innocent,God knows he is a good person...
- Indira C.