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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For guidance. My life is a mess. And for a job... a job would be a huge improvement for myself and my family.
- Brian M.
I just found out that a friend of mine, Gary, passed away today from AIDS. Pray for his family and friends who loved him dearly.
- JennyM
Going for tests, possible R pelvic mass. Not sure what it is. Probably nothing according to my doctor, but they want to be sure. Scary. Pray for my serenity and confidence in the next few weeks as I approach these tests.
- Renee G.
I am seeing my estranged girlfriend and asking her if we have a chance to reconcile. Please pray for me at this time. I hope for a positive outcome but I am so nervous as to be almost physically ill. Please pray for me.
- Dean B.
Pray that I be guided to a supportive emotional network.. May I be more understanding and sympathetic. May Holy Spirit put appropriate words in my mouth. Thanks
- lyndon c.
I pray for my family as we mourn the death of our loved one. We continue to thank God for his blessings and pray for strength and courage.
- Kama E
I pray that our family finds peace and summons up love, compassion and respect during this stressful time. My I have enough patience and grace to relax and let things happen under God's watchful eye.
- Kate G.
I ask for prayer in securing a part time teaching job so I may continue to serve children and use the gifts God gave me.
- Sara F.
I ask your Prayers for my granddaughter who is expecting a son on July. Grant her I ask your prayers for my granddaughter for a safe and healthy delivery of her son.
- Lillian w