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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my friend Holly , she is going thru a hard time and is currently facing eviction from her home.
- Matthew H
Almighty Lord, I humbly ask for your support for my little brother. Please help him recover from a blood disorder. Let him feel your kind presence! Thank you so much!
- Tom S.
Please pray for my son who is doubted his faith in himself. Please pray that he might accept and love himself as he is.
- Beth V.
For my husband to find full time work. (He's been looking for so long!) Also pray that we don't give up hope.
- Beth B.
Almighty God I ask for prayers for my good friends as they deal with breaking up, changing dynamics, and God's call for their future. Let them know they are loved so much.
- Kelly P.
Please pray that my boyfriend and I will grow in love and soon make that final step to holy matrimony. Thank you.
- Sue P.
That the Church, in ALL dioceses, soon bless gay couples in a rite of commitment. That the discrimination of Bp Samuel Howard, in NE FL, prohibiting us this blessing, cease; that I may finally join the Church and be received with true, equal love.
- Gary E.
I've never been a believer, I'm lost and resisting and I ask that God will somehow break through to me.
- Daniel B.
for a second job and daycare
- crystal